Since more than decade VTO is focused on building complementary offer for comapnies which need innovative and interesting decorative materials for door, wall panels, furniture.

History of VTO DEKOR


  • Film production in innovative Wood Look technology
  • Expanding the collection of the Micro-laminates


  • Investment in printing lines: W3 (width 2180mm) and W4 (370mm) and machine for multilayer products/laminates
  • Expanding the collection of laminates TREND
  • Launching new products – multilayer


  • Extension of the VTO offer with the Japanese decorative materials based on paper and polipropylene
  • VTO’s products based on Pre-Impregnated papers gaining recocnition on the door producers market – company becomes the leader of production foil and edge banding for that branch in CEE


  • Investment in new printing machines: W1 (width 1860mm) and W2 (1300mm)
  • Opening export markets: Russian Federation, Ukraine, Germany
  • Initial print of first foils for wall panel producers. Innovative technology by the owner of VTO
  • Revitalization of the area, Rewitalizacja terenu, adaptation to the needs of decorative foils printer

VTO-Dekor mission

To be a leader on the Polish market. To make our presence on export markets much stronger.

To be a customer-oriented company. Known for our innovative managment style.